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Life Changes Direction

Tune Talks with Jeanné was created in the summer of 2008. Just a few years before that, I had transitioned out of my Mental Health Private Practice and into a Life Coaching Business. That transition opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities, which happens to be one of the major benefits of life coaching. To learn more about life coaching go here.

I found myself looking at my life goals, dreams and desires with a more creative eye and thinking outside the box at how to accomplish those goals. As a result I began meeting and working with people that I never would have if I hadn't changed my life direction.

One of those people was Jeanne White, a local FM radio host. I did 2 on-air interviews on her show, Connect with Jeanne White and then she asked me to guest host her show for her which I did 2 times as well. Jeanne encouraged me to pursue my own show and to my surprise people that I shared the idea with also encouraged me to do it. As is the usual case in my life a short while later I stumbled across an opportunity to do just that, and Tune Talks with Jeanné was born, with the help of CyberstationUSA.

Fast Forward to 2018

A lot has changed since Tune Talks with Jeanné began broadcasting weekly on internet radio. If you have been keeping up with the status of the show or me personally, then you know that Tune Talks took a hiatus in 2012. You also know that I have been involved with projects related to independent artist promotion through internet radio and my own music creations and releases. Tune Talks has always been one of my passion projects, which is why the website remained intact. I always knew I’d come back to it. And now here it is; not the way it used to be, but where’s the fun in that.

Not everything needs to change. ;-)