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Life Changes Direction

Tune Talks with Jeanné was created in the summer of 2008. Just a few years before that, I had transitioned out of my Mental Health Private Practice and into a Life Coaching Business. That transition opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities, which happens to be one of the major benefits of life coaching. To learn more about life coaching go here.

I found myself looking at my life goals, dreams and desires with a more creative eye and thinking outside the box at how to accomplish those goals. As a result I began meeting and working with people that I never would have if I hadn't changed my life direction.

One of those people was Jeanne White, a local FM radio host. I did 2 on-air interviews on her show, Connect with Jeanne White and then she asked me to guest host her show for her which I did 2 times as well. Jeanne encouraged me to pursue my own show and to my surprise people that I shared the idea with also encouraged me to do it. As is the usual case in my life a short while later I stumbled across an opportunity to do just that, and Tune Talks with Jeanné was born, with the help of CyberstationUSA.